I remember a bunch of piled fabrics in my grandmother’s atelier, and sometimes she would let me play with them. Time flew while I was messing around among these treasures such as silk, lace, tweeds…each one of them more magical than the previous, and I wasn’t aware that I was already creating Nina Blanc’s world.

A world between cities and landscape, between avenues full of lights and charming small streets in the cities; to the sunsets, wet grass smell when raining and grazing spikes in the landscapes.

Nina’s world is full of treasures, some of them as memories which take you to unique moments in our lives; others as small objects that we keep as jewels, and by touching them we allow ourselves to fly along our imagination.

We like to find beauty in every little thing such as taking a walk around the city on a Sunday morning, to shop a sourdough loaf of bread and some hydrangeas to decorate our home, chilled and lazy breakfast as if the world had stopped and nothing would be more important than our family moment around the table, when the day starts and still on time to decide how you want it to be like.

Picking blackberries and wildflowers in the field when the sun goes down and the light is magical; sitting on the riverbank to get our feet wet while we look for stones to collect; visiting French markets in search of old linens and crockery, which belonged to somebody else’s life, to prepare homemade cakes on an autumn afternoon. We love to lose ourselves between the corridors and shelves of an old bookstore and feel the touch of the books that tell us so many stories; we like to paint, paint with canvases, sheets, fabrics and let our creativity fly.

And above all we look for quality in life, in what we buy and what we do.

All of our items are designed, produced and handmade in Spain, we are supporters of the slow fashion concept, our pieces are designed with the intention to create exclusive products that last over time, jewels that make us feel special when wearing them and that honor the hands of the artisans who have created them as in the past.

Welcome to Nina´s world,
I hope I can send you a tiny piece of our passion for beautiful and well-done things.