Achieving immunity to the passage of time is the distinction awarded to those who enter the Olympus of classics. Their appeal is timeless, serves as a standard of an era and is relevant to future generations. Few have the tenacity to overcome the fleeting fashions and trends that characterize our world, becoming a universal language. This winter we pay tribute to our classics, the magic of an timeless design.

The enigma that empowers classics has its origins in classical antiquity, where everything that was governed by harmony was considered beautiful, a symbol of beauty and perfection. In the 20th century, the Bauhaus school took a step forward, beauty was no longer found only in those designs guided by calculation and symmetry, but also by functionality.

The pillars that build beauty are the secret that turn a design into a classic. At Nina Blanc we believe that this secret is also in its construction; a pattern designed with harmony and proportion, the knowledge of handcrafted work and the selection of natural fabrics. And the origin of beauty is in nature, where everything has a function.

From the pure wool tweed of the Clementine coat to the ruffles of the Lea skirt, from the romanticism of the Dion blouse to the tencel of the Andrew shirt, all our garments are designed to last over time, so that you can live countless stories with them. Bet on our classics, impregnate them with great experiences and share them with future generations.



It is the highest form of expression. It manifests our state of mind, allows us to make ourselves known and showcase our identity. A language as universal as images, a passport to discretion and the striking, to the norm and to rebellion. This fall, we pay we pay tribute to color, the essence of Nina Blanc.

The power of it directly influences our energy, our character. Choosing a color is a decision that affects our cultural and social expression. An expression as global as personal, as objective as subjective. Color makes us vibrate and empowers us, it is a loudspeaker that amplifies our messages to the world.

In this season of the year, color acquires a special importance. The leaves of the trees and the sunlight bring a change of seasons closer, reminding us of the ephemerality of time. Color is an essential element of our existence, it is where the meaning of our world resides.

It is the most relevant phenomenon of our visual sense. Without light there is no color and without color there is no beauty. From Klein to Valentino, from Matisse to Saint Laurent, color leads us to our memories, experiences and emotions. It takes us to a safe ground where nothing is unbreakable, capable of awakening illusions, dreams and hopes.

Welcome to our new collection,
Nina Blanc.



With the arrival of the new season we are launching the new spring summer collection. his collection was inspired by the best summer stories of our lives; a trip in a convertible on the French Riviera, afternoons strolling along the Mediterranean or a simple dinner with friends.

Once again, we were looking for pieces and designs that represented our brand philosophy: consume less, but consume better. Each of our pieces is carefully produced by hand to ensure that every detail is perfect and that the stories you live with our garments are unique.

We maintain our commitment to local production in our workshops, to recover and maintain our artisans, so as always, the new pieces of the collection are produced entirely in our local workshops.

We are committed to quality fabrics that represent our values, so we use 100% European cottons from the prestigious firm Liberty London or Tencel, a natural and sustainable fiber with a soft touch like silk.

If you are looking for something more than just a simple summer garment, at Nina Blanc we create garments with stories and a positive impact on the world.

We work with the best Spanish artisans and with the best qualities for you to enjoy our spring-summer collection. We hope you like it as much as we do!



We started the fall season with the launch of our website. It has been many months of hard work combining the brand’s growth and the website, so we wanted to come up with a collection meeting the expectations of the new steps we were taking at Nina Blanc.

For this new season we were looking for pieces and designs which would represent our brand philosophy: consume less but consume better.

We believe in local production, recovering and maintaining our artisans, those who have been creating art with their hands for years, so as always, the new pieces in the collection are produced entirely in local ateliers.

We believe in stylish but comfortable fashion because we know that our clients have an active life in which they combine long working hours and maternity in most cases, and that above all they are in search of special but practical pieces that can wear 24×7, and that is without a doubt how we design in Nina Blanc.

Above all we seek quality, therefore we have made the collection with the best suppliers: 100% cotton fabrics from the prestigious Liberty London firm, European production cottons, Tencel, a new sustainable biodegradable and compostable fiber, as well as the best Scottish certified wool.

Adding up the best Spanish artisans with the best qualities, the fall-winter collection is here and we hope, you like it as much as we do!



I had always in mind how our first shooting would be like, I wanted it to be at home and with friends, celebrating the upcoming launch of the website and enjoying a day of creativity, art, good food and all in an incomparable setting, and we succeeded!

For the occasion we went to Can Cuana, a location that has seen us grow and in where we have a thousand memories which start to come back when you approach the long tree-covered path, and you cannot help a smile.
The team was unbeatable: Nina Blanc’s partners, friends, the beauty of Paulina and an exceptional captain: Esi Seilern and her natural gift for capturing art and light.

Nina Blanc’s World could not be better captured, long walks in the countryside, picking flowers, horses, meals with friends, painting and everything sprinkled with that touch of past times and with a certain decadence that we like so much. At times we closed our eyes and felt that we were in an old villa on the French Riviera, after a while we were in the middle of Tuscany … and so the day went by, it was like a walk through the most beautiful places in Europe.

I hope you all like the outcome as much as we do and that this piece of art can also transports you, for a moment, to some beautiful place you would feel like visiting.